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Ceramic Container featured in Architectural Digest 

May 23, 2019

“‘It sounds clichéd, but we wanted to build our dream house,’ says this mother of three, an author, about her place in Southampton. They called on local architect @jamesmerrellarchitects and New York–based #AD100designer @kellybehunstudio to inject the Zen interiors with color and conversation pieces. Memphis Group ceramics sit alongside contemporary vessels by Brooklyn-based @princeerica and Manal Kara.”

Moving to sunny South Florida!

May 15, 2019

New York I love you but I’ve been having an affair. I accepted a dream job at Dreyfoos School of the Arts, a top-rated magnet high school in West Palm Beach Florida, as a full time faculty member in Drawing and Printmaking. I have never felt so perfectly suited for a position. I’ve been eager to return to teaching and I can’t wait to mold the minds of the art stars of the future. I’ll still be making my work, of course, and I’m excited to see how Florida inspires me. I hope to someday live in a pink mid century house with a ceramics studio surrounded by fruit trees and alien tropical plants. Please put me in touch with cool art + design + ceramics + floral people you know in South Florida! Xoxoxo

Lipstick and Load, exhibition with Katie Rauth for Vox Populi’s “Just In Time: 30 Years of Collective Practice” 

April 26 – June 23, 2019, First Fridays: May 3 + June 7

Vox Populi, 319 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA

In the spirit of intergenerational collaboration and their friendship that began because of a shared appreciation for all things femme, Vox Alumna Erica Prince and current member Katie Rauth join forces for an exhibition that celebrates feminine rituals, self love and eccentric constructed identities.

Ceramic collaboration with Of a Kind!

February 1, 2019

Introducing the limited edition Protean Container, only 20 of a kind! The angled openings of this stoneware beauty give even regular old bodega stems a huge Seussian lift, but you can also fill it with branches, use it to organize pens or makeup brushes, stick candle in it, or serve licorice out of it at parties. It looks pretty dang cool empty, too.


Erica Prince’s Vases Are for Way More Than Just Flowers

October 4, 2018

“We’d like to say fresh flowers in the house every week is our reality, but at least 50 percent of the time it’s purely a dream. Life gets busy and our vases sit empty. Recently, though, we realized there’s a middle ground between bouquet and bare. The eureka moment happened when we came across New York artist Erica Prince’s handcrafted Containers collection, a series of functional ceramic sculptures that bring to mind undulating pieces of coral.” – Lindsay Mather

A Colorful Brooklyn Home Fit for Art (& Retro Baking Projects!). Peek inside Erica Prince’s eclectic living/studio space.

Jan 11, 2019

Erica Prince ceramic Container.

Women Who Create: Thinking Outside The Box with Multi-Disciplinary Artist Erica Prince

October 12, 2018

“Finding a fitting work description for Brooklyn-based artist Erica Prince is a tough job. The containers she creates are bold, playful and of such unexpected shapes that their use is not predefined but open to everyone’s own imagination.”

A Bright, Evolving Apartment for Life & Growing Creative Works

September 20, 2018

“When Erica Prince and her husband Shane Jezowski were looking to move to Brooklyn from Philadelphia three years ago, they faced a bit of sticker shock. At the time, their beloved Philly place boasted lots of space and a rooftop garden, and their search for a new apartment in Brooklyn yielded rentals Erica had trouble envisioning as a place for creation — as a multidisciplinary artist, Erica’s home must also serve as a studio to create her ceramics, drawings, installations and relational projects.” – text by Kelli Kehler, photos by Stephanie Price

Office Magazine Interview

August 25, 2018

“For Prince, life and art are in no way separate spheres of existence. Rather, these two have fused together so effortlessly to form a single, gleaming entity.” -Kennedy Fairfax



Erica Prince giving a makeover in The Transformational Makeover Salon. Photo by Nicholas Calcott for T Magazine.

I Got a Radical Makeover — for Art’s Sake

June 2, 2016

“I tell myself I won’t gasp and cover my mouth when I look in the mirror, but I do it anyway. The extra moment it takes me to recognize my own reflection is profoundly disorienting. I’m looking at a stranger.” – Ariela Gittlen

The Transformational Makeover Salon @ Feng Sway

September 23 – 27, 2018

The Transformational Makeover Salon returns this fall! This iteration will take place at Feng Sway, the Floridian vintage jungle in Greenpoint Brooklyn that W Magazine called “one of the 10 best vintage stores in the world”. For the first time ever participants will get head to toe makeovers with clothing pulled from the Feng Sway collection. Sign up here!


Erica Prince Ceramics in The Wing DC Collection

May 1, 2018

The Wing, the social club for women on their way, recently expanded from Soho and Dumbo to their newest Washington DC location. Lolita Cros, the curator of The Wing’s all-female art collection, selected 9 ceramic Containers to join the DC Collection.

Osamu Kobayashi and Erica Prince @ Morgan Lehman Gallery 2

January 11 – February 24, 2018

Morgan Lehman is pleased to announce the opening of a new auxiliary gallery, Morgan Lehman 2. For the inaugural show, Osamu Kobayashi’s bold color field paintings have been paired with Erica Prince’s functional ceramic forms to create a playful atmosphere inspired by biomorphic and architectural geometries.

Coverage of Natalie Prass’ Short Court Style Music Video directed by Natalie Prass and Erica Prince

February 2018


Erica Prince and Boofy on Girls and Their Cats

August 5, 2017

“I work from home in my studio in Bushwick, and I am so lucky to have Boofy as my assistant, checking in on me throughout the day, sitting in my lap as I work at my desk, sitting on top of all my in-progress drawings and lying in the middle of the floor in all the sunny spots.”

Artists Show Us How to Make Outrageous Costumes for $100

October 31, 2017

“We commissioned three New York artists—Erica Prince, Mukunda Angulo, and Ziggy Mack-Johnson—to design us the Halloween costumes of their dreams. We gave them a budget of $100 to create their looks, and we asked them to document the whole process with disposable cameras. This is what they came up with.”

Crash drawing accompanying the keynote in Canadian Art Futures issue

January 5, 2017

“The condition of being alive now is infinite accessible worlds at once. Realities, and priorities, reconfigure by day, by hour, by tab. Now one of arts most vital functions is to crystallize a single world for a fixed and reproducible duration.” – Alexandra Molotkow

The Transformational Makeover Salon in Group Show UNCOMMON BEAUTY

September 29 – October 9, 2017

The Transformational Makeover Salon is open for business as a part of UNCOMMON BEAUTY, presented by @GirlSeesArt and co-curated by Jean-Nöel Moneton. Other artist in the exhibition include Kelsey S Brewer, Ventiko, DAIN, Jes Gamble, Joy Kim, Lara Minerva, Renee Philips and Shoshanna Weinberger. 208 Bowery in SoHo.

The Transformational Makeover Salon @ Otherwild, NY

July 2, 2017

Head over to Otherwild NY to pick up some FUTURE IS FEMALE gear and get yourself a Transformational Makeover! Sunday July 2, July 9, and July 16, 2017, noon-6pm

ULTRALUMINOUS Custom Survey and Panel Discussion

January 25, 2018

FSG + MCD Books is thrilled to host the book release party for Katherine Faw’s ULTRALUMINOUS at Red Bull Studios in Chelsea, NY. The event will include a manicure bar, tarot readings and a custom survey by artist Erica Prince. There will also be a panel discussion about power, feminism and beauty moderated by Estelle Tang (Elle Magazine), and featuring the author, Erica Prince, and Meredith Talusan (Them).

Read the transcript from the panel discussion on FSG’s website…

The Art of the Makeover | Perspectives, Erica Prince

November 29, 2016

“In our Perspectives video, a series on artists featured at the art fairs in Miami, we get a firsthand experience inside Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Erica Prince’s studio. The project explores the aesthetic choices in creating a personal identity.”

Erica Prince, NYC Artist/Designer

This Makeover Artist Dismantles Traditional Constructs of Beauty

Dec 2, 2016

“During the annual art world bacchanal, amidst tanned, toned Miami bodies, the opportunity to become someone or something else, if only for a moment, is a welcome respite. ‘Outward transformation is not the goal of the project. The goal is to affect people’s psychology, and makeup is just a tool to do so,’ Prince says.”

An Artist Is Giving Fairgoers Radical Makeovers At PULSE

Dec 2, 2016

“In our society, the ‘makeover’ mandate is generally uncontested—the goal is to look better, and to class up. But imagine you waltz into a beauty parlor and, veering from convention, you offer a fearless, laissez-faire ‘you know what, do whatever you want.’ And now, imagine that your first stop with your new look is an art fair.”

The Transformational Makeover Salon @ PULSE, Miami Beach

May 8, 2016

The Transformational Makeover Salon is traveling to Miami as a commissioned project for PULSE art fair! On December 1, the opening day of the fair, Prince will be taking appointments in the salon, inviting participants to undergo Transformational Makeovers. The salon installation and makeover documentation will be on view for the duration of the fair.

Reviews of Natalie Prass’ “Why Don’t You Believe in Me” Video directed by Erica Prince and Tiona McClodden

February 4, 2015


Solo Exhibition: The Transformational Makeover Salon @ In Limbo

May 8 – June 5, 2016

In Limbo, the influential apartment gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn run by artist Alyse Ronayne, presents The Transformational Makeover Salon, a relational project and installation by Erica Prince, open for appointments thru June 5.

Erica Prince drawing, Released From Orbit- Crash.

Banff Centre: things you can’t unthink Catalog Essay, Thinking Makes It So

January 1, 2015

“What an intoxicating idea, that planets could exist outside of the parameters that typically govern the behavior of all other things in our universe. And further, that they could outnumber obedient planets, and possess the will to determine their proper fate. Prince’s imaginative take on this astrological phenomenon is communicated through her whimsical use of material: her irregular cages, brass ornaments and colourful tubes, all halves reflected back onto themselves to create a mirrored image that in turn is a representation of a celestial body as a whole. The installation results in an effervescent evocation of a kind of wonder.”  – Natasha Chaykowski

Read more …

Erica Prince Artist talk at Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre. Part of the group exhibition things you can't unthink curated by Peta Rake.

Erica Prince Artist Talk- things you can’t unthink at The Banff Centre

January 27, 2015

“Walter Phillips Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition things you can’t unthink, featuring four female artists, Sara Cwynar, Eunice Luk, Virginia Lee Montgomery and Erica Prince. things you can’t unthink reflects the inconsistencies and contradictions of philosophical fields – new materialism and object-oriented ontology – which are still in flux. Works included speak to innovation, craft, history and science, as well the use of artistic materials – clay, paint, found objects, and precious metals – and the way in which they are employed in the making of artworks.” – Peta Rake, curator

Erica Prince's Dollhouse exhibition in Wallpaper Philadelphia City Guide.

Dollhouse featured in Wallpaper* City Guide 

March 5, 2015

Dollhouse, is featured in the newest edition of Phaidon’s Wallpaper* City Guide for Philadelphia!

Erica Prince Chroma Key Makeovers in collaboration with E.S.P. TV.

Chroma Key Transformational Makeover Performance and Live taping event in Collaboration with E.S.P TV

October 24, 2014

Since 2011, ESP TV has been broadcasting experimental performance and video to New Yorkers through Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) public access television. This event, at Vox Populi’s performance Space in Philadelphia, was Curated by AUX Curatorial Fellow Whitney Kimball.

Watch the episode @ E.S.P. TV…

Solo Exhibition: Dollhouse @ Vox Populi, Philadelphia

April 3 – 26, 2015

Dollhouses are understood as gendered spaces for speculation and idealization. They are interpretive play spaces for the enactment of social and identity constructs. In her second exhibition at Vox Populi, Prince presents the dollhouse as an expanded psychological space: unpredictable, fragmentary, and unapologetically tied to it’s feminine perspective.

Erica Prince's Some Sense of Comfort with Some Sense of Confusion event featuring Melissa Daum and Michael Carroll.

Some Sense of Comfort with Some Sense of Confusion @ Vox Populi, Philadelphia

February 23, 2014

An event hosted by Erica Prince in conjunction with her solo exhibition To Sit Rather Than Slip In, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

Details @ Vox Populi…

Solo Exhibition: To Sit Rather Than Slip In @ Vox Populi, Philadelphia

February 7- March 2, 2014

A female protagonist has designed all the essential aspects of her life- minimal prototypes with subtly suggested uses in the realms of spirituality, sexuality, self-reflection and beauty. In this exhibition Prince continues to postulate the possibilities of the future, but the focus has shifted from architecture to objects of a more domestic and personal nature.